Buying a Bike Guide


Best bikes for commuters

For those who commute daily, Folding Bikes are ideal. They can be folded down to about the size of a suitcase, making them great for travelling with on buses and trains. Folding bikes also have smaller wheels than other bikes, making them easier to carry and store.

Best bikes for leisure riding

Hybrid Bikes are great for leisure rides on roads and trails. Combining the best features of both a mountain bike and a road bike, they can be ridden on a wide range of surfaces. Most hybrid bikes have flat handlebars, allowing you to sit in a comfortable riding position.

Best bikes for road riding

Road Bikes are designed to be ridden on flat, surfaced roads. They are typically the lightest and fastest type of bike you can ride on. Their wheels are narrow and smooth, and the handlebars are dropped to give the cyclist a more aerodynamic riding position.

Best bikes for off-road riding

If you are going to be riding mostly off road, then a Mountain Bike is the best choice for you. These bikes are designed to be ridden on a diverse range of terrains, from dirt trails to rocky and gravel paths. They are usually a little heavier than other bikes due to their bulkier design.

Best bikes for urban riding

Electric bikes or E-Bikes look like a typical bike but have a motor that will give you a little more oomph while you peddle. They are quicker and easier to ride than regular bikes, so you can travel greater distances for longer, without becoming tired or fatigued.

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